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I design high quality custom furniture and shoji screen systems that are beautiful, functional and durable. Traditional joinery methods - proven by time for their strength and enduring beauty – contrast with a contemporary aesthetic culled from Nature. The result: home furnishing with simple, clean lines, strength, purpose and style. I work on both residential and commercial projects, and am energized by a challenge. Wood is the foundation for all Equinox Interior designs. Its warmth and natural beauty combined with its workability makes it easy to understand why. However, other materials are often incorporated: hand-made Japanese paper, rock, copper, stainless steel, pewter, fabric and glass are just a few of the materials that can be used to make unique and functional pieces of furniture. As much as I love working with wood, I also enjoy experimenting with, and using, new materials in my work. I have also used materials and objects (found items, family heirlooms, wood cut from your property, etc.) supplied by clients to product fascinating and fun results. Nature is my inspiration. Organic design creates original furnishings that are beautiful and strong – something we all want in our furniture. As an independent businessman, craftsman and consumer, I value fair prices and open and honest communication. Designing and creating a piece of furniture for your home that you love and serves you well is my top priority. Owning custom-made furniture is a joy. Building it is an honor.


I have shipped furniture to Europe, U.S.A. and across Canada. Piece is crated or wrapped as needed.

Commission Process

-The first step in the process is to have a short discussion with the potential client to decide if both parties are a good fit. If the client wants to continue a $250 design fee is taken. A number of options (both on paper and computer) are drawn up and discussed with the client. Once one is highlighted some more design work may be in order. At this stage a quote is given, a deposit for 1/3 of the total is taken and the project gets scheduled. Delivery can be between 1 month and 5 months depending on the workload and complexity of the project.

-If necessary I’m more than happy to send wood, finish and detail samples to a customer for approval.

-Though I have worked both by myself, and closely with a customer, to produce a final design, I greatly enjoy working with a client who has some idea what they want, yet are open to other options along the way.

-Updates via email include progress photos to show the client the work being done.


I warranty all of my pieces for their lifetime against defective materials and craftsmanship while you own the piece.