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There are three muses that inspire my work – human stories, the materials with which I create, and my deep love of creative exploration. Together, these inspirations infuse my furniture with a uniqueness that exhibits my love for both tradition and originality. Furniture can be so much more than merely functional objects, and so to distinguish my work from the commonplace – to give it a kind of value that cannot be found elsewhere – I embed in each of my creations stories that have touched me, giving every work an individuality reflective of the people who share their experiences with me. That might take the form of a whimsical tale about childhood adventure or a poignant narrative of family heroism. Craft must reveal more than artistry: it must reveal the artisan. My best work displays my passions for adventure, fashion, community and humor far better than any photo could or these words ever will. One part intention, one part allowing… classic lines intersecting with sheer quirkiness… somewhere in the heart of that juxtaposition is where I live and where my art comes to life.


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