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Craig began his woodworking experience carving shapes and patterns into his father’s workbench and, to his parents’ chagrin, the family piano, too. Since that time, he has been engaged in a more disciplined study of cabinetmaking, first at Saint Paul College in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and later at the Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, where he is a graduate of the Artisan, Craftsman and Journeyman programs. Woodworking and furniture making challenge Craig to balance overall composition with close attention to the most minute details. Every shape and line has intention. Every surface and edge has been touched and cared for. He strives to let the grain of the wood speak for itself, while juxtaposing more rigid geometries of the manmade world beside the natural aspects of the wood. Each piece is a quiet celebration and reminder of the intimate relationship that exists between us and nature. Craig finds it difficult to watch the wasteful, fast-paced world of manufactured disposable goods increasingly dominate people’s lives. So, it is his ongoing desire to share his work with people in an effort to help them slow down, and take a moment to once again see, feel and appreciate the amazing connection that exists between wood, as an element of nature, and each person, as his furniture becomes an enduring part of their life. Properly tuned hand tools, a deep appreciation for the chosen material, and a calm, sensitive approach to design and to the making itself, all combine to set the tone for his work. Craig, works with his wife Carol Rajala Johnson, a hand weaver. Together they founded Studio Tupla, a lifelong partnership in fine craft, at their home in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Completed works are available for pick-up at the studio or free delivery/shipping within a 50 mile radius. For farther US and international destinations, Oden Gallery and I will assist in selecting a shipping solution that meets your needs. Shipping and related services quoted upon request

Commission Process

  • Process begins with an open discussion of the commissioning process. Expect the process to be predictable, yet unique; tailored to your needs and to the nature of the project itself.
  • Then we’ll take an hour or so to dive into the details of your project. It’s great if we can meet in person, but we can also use Skype, phone or email.
  • To begin the design, I will need to receive payment of a preliminary design fee of about $200; occasionally more, depending upon the scope of the project. Following an iteration or two, the final design is prepared along with a quoted price presented for your approval.
  • A payment from you that brings your total investment to 50% of the quoted price will be needed prior to making my first cut.
  • If there are any questions, I’m just a phone call or email away. Plus, I’ll be posting progress on the blog.
  • Final payment is due upon completion of the piece.


I enjoy making fine furniture and, in doing so, always strive to make each new piece my best work. The furniture I make is uniquely fashioned from natural materials, using hand tools and a few simple woodworking machines in my small, one-man woodworking studio. I’ve grown to understand that the key to long-term enjoyment of finely crafted wood furniture comes through an understanding of how it came to be. Because each piece is unique, I encourage your involvement, talking with me directly about its design, materials, joinery, finishes, set-up (if required), as well as ongoing care and maintenance. The more you know about your one-of-a-kind furniture, the more likely its life story will also be an interesting and enjoyable part of yours. If, at any time, you have questions about the care and maintenance of the furniture I make, please do not hesitate to contact me. In the event you feel service work is needed on your Studio Tupla furniture, please let me know so we can discuss options. I also invite you to view our warranty. Thank you!

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