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Atelier Make is the creative studio of designers/makers Maya Ersan and Jaimie Robson. From porcelain tableware to intricate paper cutouts, their products bring the beauty and pleasure of fine craft into contemporary daily life. With a design aesthetic that is at once rustic and contemporary, Atelier Make’s designs appeal to a new generation of fine-craft enthusiasts. The studio prides itself on a small batch, locally handcrafted model of doing business. For designers Jaimie and Maya, Atelier Make is much more than a livelihood. It is an entrepreneurial journey based on creative chemistry, extraordinary friendship, and a shared appreciation for beautiful things. Their intention is to create enchanting spaces: considering everything from how we move through a space, to how it is lit, to the objects that enhance a space. The duo draws design inspiration from their heritage, bringing a combination of Scandinavian and Mediterranean influences into their designs. Maya is from Istanbul, and Jaimie is from Vancouver, British Columbia. The two met in art school, and since then have joined forces on numerous creative endeavors. Prior to founding Atelier Make the pair had practices focusing on public art, animation, and programming for galleries. While their personal and professional pursuits have led them to be thousands of miles apart over the years, their effortlessly aligned vision and a bit of serendipity brought them together in Montreal. In their parallel practice they design and produce interactive shadow installations as Mere Phantoms (


If you are ordering from Canada regional and federal taxes will be added after you have provided your shipping address.  If you're ordering from outside of Canada there will be no taxes added.

Please note that for international orders you may incur customs clearance fees and duty.

Please send Oden Gallery an email if you are ordering outside of North America.

Commission Process

Thank you for your interest. We are currently focusing on our existing lines and not accepting custom work.


- All products are food-safe and are designed for regular household use.

- All products are dishwasher safe, though hand washing will lengthen their lifespan.

- Avoid sudden heat-shock / changes in temperature.

- Remove stains on un-glazed areas by scrubbing gently with baking soda and water.

- Ceramics that have gold luster decorations should not go into a microwave or dishwasher.