• Exclusive Interview with Renee Switzer & Invitation to a Pop-Up!


      This post is a doozy! It is my story about how I met and became friends with someone I admire, Renee Switzer, a special interview with her and your invitation to Oden Gallery’s Artisan pop-up at the new SwitzerCultCreative showroom. It’s intimate, inspired and behind the scenes. Enjoy!  Renee Switzer contacted me 2 years […]

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  • Kate Duncan’s ADDRESS is this Weekends Must See Event!


    I will never forget the day when I first met Kate Duncan. It was 3 years ago when I made my way to Vancouver’s China Town to check out her pop-up event called ADDRESS. I opened the door and before I fully stepped into the room, I was greeted with a giant smile and unabashedly […]

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  • TOP 3 INTERIOR TEXTILE TRENDS Spring / Summer 2016


    We are in for a treat! This comprehensive and creatively charged post is brought to you by one of Vancouver’s leading textile artisans and trend setting gal Stephanie Symns of Antipod Workshop. Enjoy the read! xoxo Meredith Nicole ANTIPOD’S TOP 3 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS FOR TEXTILES Spring/Summer 2016 Ok so here’s the thing, I have to […]

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  • What is Textile Design? Artisanal Yoga Pants to Arty Slips…

    unspecified-5 2

    I’m always interested in deepening my knowledge of other people’s professions and have often wondered about the seemingly complex world of textile design. I have invited textile designer and artisan Stephanie Symns to share her knowledge and help us to better understand the handcrafted textile industry. Stephanie’s textile design studio Antipod Worksop, is located in Vancouver […]

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  • The Art of Collecting

    Carol Arnston Cliff Launch: Scattered Red Oil on Canvas

    Trudy Van Dop is the owner of Van Dop Gallery and is celebrating 20yrs of providing exceptional art and services to B.C. and beyond. Her in-home gallery provides a unique backdrop for her ever changing and curated collection of sculptural fine art and paintings. She is also responsible for creating the BC Guide to Arts […]

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  • Guild Trip


    When I travel I always look forward to and try to seek out artists and artisans who contribute to the region’s cultural landscape. However, there is one problem with this well intentioned desire and that is finding the artisans and artists! So naturally, I became very interested when I heard of a new website that will will help me […]

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  • Stories Inspired by Nature & Design

    Nature inspired craft

    What I appreciate about Rob Brown’s furniture is his display and sensitivity to nature. His commitment to link the viewer to the original glory of the material has generated a body of work which has everything from unaltered chunks of stone to finely shaped nature inspired design. Rob is not only a fine furniture maker with more […]

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  • Nature and Stories in Custom Jewelry


    This week I wanted to learn more about Zula and her nature and story-inspired custom jewelry. From the first time I met Zula it was clear to me that there was a special energy behind her work. I remember when we met I deliberated for more than an hour on picking out my earrings, which […]

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  • IDSwest. Go Behind the Scenes & Your Complete List of the Must Sees!


      IDSwest has long been one of my favourite events in Vancouver and I would often find myself daydreaming about the day when I would get to be a part of it. Now that that day has come, I have to admit I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure if a small business like mine, consisting […]

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