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Product Description

A shelving system that allows the customer creative control as they customize their wall with any formation and combination of shelves and tiles.  The possibilities are endless whether you are an interior designer doing a large commercial installation, or a consumer who wants to add some playfulness to a room in their home.

The system comes with an easy to use wall template for marking anchor points.  A starter kit of 1 shelf and 2 tiles can be installed in under 5 minutes. Price shown is for the Starter kit.

Handcrafted from hardened Douglas Fir.  Colours: green, pink, blue, natural

Strong and durable finish with UV blocking to prevent “yellowing” or discolouration.

Dimensions: 10″ square x 17.5″ high

Comes in several combinations, please ask for further information and pricing.

Romney Shipway

Born and raised in B.C, Romney Shipway grew up on Cortes Island and now lives in Vancouver. He is a west coast designer and gets much of his inspiration from the natural world, primarily the forest and the ocean, which are the life bloods of our beautiful province. Through Shipway living design, Romney creates functional and aesthetically pleasing forms. He believes in making pieces that will stand the test of time while having no negative impact on the environment or the people who purchase them. Every material and process is considered, along with its impact, both environmentally and socially. All of the wood materials are sourced from small independent sawmills on Cortes Island that come from a sustainably managed community forest. This helps to support a small local economy. Having an intimate connection to the source of materials he able to tell a story of where the materials come from and how they came to be. Romney knows exactly what forest and what part of the island each order of material comes from. "When designing, I let the strengths and weaknesses of the materials I am using dictate the form, along with the processes of manufacturing". Through following these principles and allowing the material and processes to dictate the form through playful exploration, the designer/maker arrives at a true and honest outcome. "It's more than creating furniture and objects, it’s about telling a story"

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