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Showcase #1


With this piece, my priority was to highlight the amazing spalted maple while building a relatively large case piece.

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Showcase #1 Custom Armoire

Spalted maple provides the ‘wow factor’ for this beautiful custom built armoire from fine furniture maker Jacques Breau. ‘Spalted’ maple is not, technically speaking, an actual species of maple, but instead it describes any piece of maple that has been allowed to begin the initial stages of decay, but then subsequently dried. The drying prevents further decay from occurring. The partial decay, or spalting, is responsible for giving the wood dark contrasting lines and streaks where fungus had started to attack the wood. Skilled and knowledgeable woodworkers can recognize the right moment to ‘rescue’ maple from the spalting, so that the lumber is still be sound and usable, and at the same time exhibits fabulous one-of-a-kind organic patterns.

Story: Jacques says of this armoire “With this piece, my priority was to highlight the amazing spalted maple while building a relatively large case piece. I wanted to counter balance the maple with a glassed–in showcase portion at the top of the cabinet. This, I feel, gives the cabinet a very grounded presence.”

Materials: This armoire is built from spalted western maple with contrasting elements in brown doussié and Port Orford cedar

Dimensions: 48″ H x 26″ L x 13″ W

Jacques Breau

Jacques Breau has been around woodworking and craft since he was a child. Woodworking runs in the Breau family, starting from his great-grandfather who passed down his love of wood to many family members throughout the generations. Jacques’ mother, an exacting seamstress, has imparted her approach to craft to him. This combination of material and approach guides Jacques along. After completing an undergraduate degree at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, Jacques embarked on his journey as a craftsman. After reading James Krenov’s book, “A Cabinetmaker’s Notebook”, it became clear that his passion was leading him to woodworking. He has since studied at the Silva Bay Shipyard School (2003), and at the Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking (2006-2007), both located on the Strait of Georgia, in British Columbia. Since graduating from the Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking, Jacques has been a member of the Guest Faculty at that institution. Jacques gets inspirations for his work from bridges, water towers, seashells, difficult joinery, and the flowing lines of turn of the century furniture. These inspirations are juxtaposed with constantly striving to strip designs down to the essentials. Tools are a very important aspect of Jacques’ craft practice. His machines have been collected and lovingly restored to working order. They date as far back as 1915, and are all from quality manufactures in North America and Europe. The hand tools in Jacques’ collection are all of high quality, and are well maintained. Some of these tools have been shop built, while others have been accumulated over the years. His hand tool collection includes tools from Japan, England, the United States, Germany, Canada, as well as shop made tools.

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Dimensions 26 x 13 x 48 in