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Love Letters


For those who treasure memories and delight in the precious.

Product Description

Love Letters Handcrafted Box

This beautiful handcrafted box was built by talented US artisan Craig Johnson. Craig and his wife Carol run Studio Tupla in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The studio focuses on the core principles of thoughtful design and careful selection of materials. Craig uses hand tools to create stunning, functional furniture pieces.

Craig creates his works with the hope that they will be used daily, but he also strives to make them aesthetically and textural delightful, and inviting to the touch of the hand.

Story: The attractive yellow birch used in this handcrafted box was harvested more than 150 years ago. The log was lost when  it slid into the depths of a local lake, but the waters and minerals preserved the wood perfectly over the next century and half. The log was recently reclaimed and milled. Craig jumped at the chance to purchase some of this beautiful material and give it a new life – and an important mission – in the form of this simple, sliding lid box. It is perfect for storing your love letters or any other precious item or collection that has personal meaning.

Craig says; “Images of water and sky created by the contrasting colors of the heartwood and sapwood on the sides of this hand-cut dovetailed box are reminders of the tree’s long history”. He used adjacent sections of the board for the sides and the lid frame, and allowed the color and grain lines to wrap up and onto the top of the box. Craig hand-carved a recessed pull and created softened edges throughout the piece so that they are gentle to the touch.

The Love Letters handcrafted box was the recipient of the “Judges Award” at the 2014 Northern Woods Exhibition in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. It also appeared in the Readers Gallery of Fine Woodworking magazine, Issue #243, 2014.

Materials: This handcrafted box is constructed of yellow birch and bird’s eye maple and finished with shellac and beeswax polish.

Dimensions: 11L X 7D X 4H

Craig Johnson

Craig began his woodworking experience carving shapes and patterns into his father’s workbench and, to his parents’ chagrin, the family piano, too. Since that time, he has been engaged in a more disciplined study of cabinetmaking, first at Saint Paul College in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and later at the Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, where he is a graduate of the Artisan, Craftsman and Journeyman programs. Woodworking and furniture making challenge Craig to balance overall composition with close attention to the most minute details. Every shape and line has intention. Every surface and edge has been touched and cared for. He strives to let the grain of the wood speak for itself, while juxtaposing more rigid geometries of the manmade world beside the natural aspects of the wood. Each piece is a quiet celebration and reminder of the intimate relationship that exists between us and nature. Craig finds it difficult to watch the wasteful, fast-paced world of manufactured disposable goods increasingly dominate people’s lives. So, it is his ongoing desire to share his work with people in an effort to help them slow down, and take a moment to once again see, feel and appreciate the amazing connection that exists between wood, as an element of nature, and each person, as his furniture becomes an enduring part of their life. Properly tuned hand tools, a deep appreciation for the chosen material, and a calm, sensitive approach to design and to the making itself, all combine to set the tone for his work. Craig, works with his wife Carol Rajala Johnson, a hand weaver. Together they founded Studio Tupla, a lifelong partnership in fine craft, at their home in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 12 x 12 in