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Laël, has a truly unique style and his works are rich with expression. This stunning modern cabinet is a statement piece in the living room, a breathtaking sideboard, or cabinet in an office to impress.

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GK3 Sideboard Cabinet

Story: This striking handcrafted ‘GK3’ sideboard cabinet is made principally from Douglas fir. The parquet pattern seen throughout the piece is, surprisingly, all the same ‘colour.’ The contrast is produced by carefully controlling the lustrous properties of the wood. The resulting pattern is not only contrasting but also dynamic—it shifts from positive to negative as the viewing angle or the light source changes, and at some perspectives the pattern may barely be visible.

This sideboard cabinet is made using “real veneer” construction. Real veneer is shop-made from solid wood and is many times thicker than standard commercial veneers. As a result, this cabinet has all the fine characteristics—especially durability—of solid wood but it enables Alaska-based fine furniture maker Lael Gordon to use the parquetry technique to full effect, something that is not possible with solid wood.

The exterior surfaces of this sideboard cabinet are finished with a hand-rubbed linseed oil and varnish blend and then polished with beeswax. The interior surfaces are finished with shellac and polished with beeswax.

Materials: GK3’s outer vertical surfaces, including the parquet pattern, are constructed of Douglas fir. The top and stand is of jatoba wood. The interior is of Sitka spruce. Other woods used include jatoba drawer faces, Alaska birch drawer sides, and Pacific yew drawer pulls.

Dimensions: The unpackaged sideboard cabinet is 67L x 17D x 33H in; 170L x 43D x 84H cm

Lead Time: Ships in 1 week

Lael Gordon

Laël grew up in a small town in coastal southern Alaska where his father worked as shipwright repairing wooden boats. His first exposure to woodworking was watching his father re-saw massive Douglas fir timbers into ships’ planking and steam bending them into place. To this day the sweet nutty smell of freshly sawn Douglas fir is one of his favourite things and he often makes use of the under-appreciated wood in his furniture. Laël is a graduate of Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking. He has been building fine furniture and other wooden things from his shop in Seward and now Anchorage, Alaska since 2007. His work has been featured in museum shows and galleries throughout the northwest and Canada. Laël takes a deliberate and uncompromising approach to building fine furniture. He embraces the clean lines, simple forms, and functional intent of modern design. He uses carefully selected materials, cuts joinery by hand, and pays great attention to small details.

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Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 67 x 17 x 33 in