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Easy Rider Low Back Chair
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Easy Rider Chair


This stylish armchair comes in 2 styles – a low back and high back version and with a optional cushion backrest. Inspired by the movie and designed for long distance cruising! (Note that cushion cannot be purchased separately).

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Product Description

Easy Rider Chair

Ryan Inman is a fine furniture maker based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, who specializes in unique contemporary furniture designs. So why the ‘Easy Rider’ chair? Says Ryan, a longtime Dennis Hopper fan; “I designed this armchair for long distance cruising. Inspiration comes from mysterious places, in this case an Easy Rider movie poster that hangs in my shop (a chair cool enough for Dennis Hopper to hang in), and working on a Maloof rocking chair (hence the spindles)”. The geometry of the high back version supports ultra long distance cruising with lower suspension and a thicker seat cushion than the low back version. I believe in the merits of ‘Dad’s Chair’ and wanted the Easy Rider to explore this realm.

Materials: Easy Rider is built from Western Maple with Walnut inlay and wool upholstery. Clients may order custom variations using different domestic wood species – price and lead time may vary, so if you are interested in this option please contact

Low Back Easy Rider Dimensions: 28″ W X 24″ D X 31.25″ H

High Back Easy Rider Dimensions: 28.5″ W X 24″ D X 37.5″ H

Lead time: 8 weeks from build start

Ryan Inman

I enjoy designing things. I enjoy building these things. I am passionate about creating furniture and spaces where people enjoy spending time: user friendly; pleasing proportions; clean lines; sustainable features. I am particularly drawn to modern homes and loft environments, and the furniture synonymous with these spaces. I enjoy collaboration with the future owner of a commission, and I encourage in-progress studio meetings, in addition to design meetings. Good ideas are born through collaboration while sipping on a beer or glass of wine. It is collaboration that makes the magic happen when a piece is handed over. I take materials seriously. Wood is my medium of choice. I like to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. I am a competent metal fabricator, a material with inherent strength allowing me to use thinner pro?les. I am fortunate to be working with these materials. Where any rough material is manipulated, many hours work with my hands is required, and my clients/customers need to be aware of this relationship between artist & material. Designing with computer drawings is invaluable, but opportunities and challenges are always presented once the material of choice is opened up. Often the best design ideas are presented during the build. I take my work environment seriously. I work from a self-built studio of my design. My studio allows me to work efficiently in a beautiful environment using well tuned machine and hand tools. A piece won’t leave my studio unless I believe it strong enough to be multi-generational.

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Additional Information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 31 x 27 x 35 in