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OLEN Deer Skull


OLEN is a haunting and exquisite interpretation of nature.

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Product Description

This porcelain sculpture is a stylish contemporary artistic interpretation of an age-old natural form. Inspired by walking in the woods of British Columbia. It is handcrafted from exquisite high fire unglazed polished porcelain by award-winning artisan Anyuta Gusakova in Anyuta Studio, Vancouver. 

Anita says; “OLEN means “deer” in Russian. The series is inspired by two deer skulls that I found while hiking in the woods in rural British Columbia. I took them to my studio. I was so excited about the beauty and functional genius of this natural form that I began to sketch, draw and paint them, making some still-life artwork. Once I felt that I had immersed myself in the divine natural structure enough, I felt that I wanted to go further in my creative mood and make art which is not just a representation of the original form but go beyond applying stylization and imagination. That’s how the Deer Skull Coral was created, a merging of a deer skull and a sea coral. It was followed by The Spirit of the Woods, with a human body and a deer skull as his head, and finally the OLEN Deer Skull porcelain collection. The OLEN collection plays on a modern simplistic and geometric transformation that I applied. I chose fine high fire porcelain as a medium for OLEN collection because of its unique qualities: the soft matt marble-like look, the smoothness of the polished surface and the delicate ivory colour. There are three handcrafted sculptural editions in the collection: Small OLEN, Big OLEN and OLEN Golden Antlers with gold lustre. From time to time I experiment with the form by taking a raw porcelain cast and transforming it to a one-of-a-kind piece using different sculpting techniques – carving, modelling, adding or subtracting elements, texturing and painting. As a result I’ve produced a whole collection of unique customized interpretations of my basic OLEN concept: Black Bird OLEN with bird feathers, Green Ghost with carved patterns and acrylic, Golden Patch with textural gold painted spots and transformed antlers, and others.”

Two sizes  are available.

  • Large OLEN: 9x4x4.5in
  • Small OLEN: 5x2x3in

Materials: high fire unglazed porcelain  

Lead time: up to 5 business days

Anyuta Gusakova

Growing up in Vladivostok, Russia, Anyuta Gusakova gravitated to art early on. At ten, she was hand-selected to attend the prestigious Young Talents program—a four-year extensive art curriculum focused on classical forms. From 1992 to 1995, Anyuta freelanced with the Vladivostok Porcelain Factory as a sculptor—learning porcelain and plaster techniques. This work would lead to her first solo show at the Sukhanov Historical Museum in 1995. In 2000, she began her studies at Stroganov University of Art and Design in Moscow—one of Russia's oldest and most esteemed classical art universities --under the mentorship of famed sculptor Nikolai Nikogosyan. Here Anyuta completed her Master of Fine Arts in sculpture. From 2001 onwards, she freelanced as lead-sculptor for privately commissioned small and large-scale projects across Russia and Europe. In 2007, she became a finalist of the fifth international sculpture competition Oeuvre de Faience, held at the musée départemental Breton at Quimper in Brittany, France. In 2009, Anyuta decided to relocate to Vancouver, Canada in order to pursue a career focused on developing her craft. Since then she has been refining her own vision in diverse sculpting mediums ranging from stone and bronze to porcelain and paper pulp. In 2013 she became a finalist in the City of Vancouver’s IRONCLAD ART manhole cover design challenge. Recently she launched her first-ever design label ANYUTA, which is focusing on production of high end design objects and coveted replicas of her original sculptures. Anyuta and her art have been featured in The Vancouver Sun, MonteCristo Magazine, The Source, The Province, Canadian Immigrant, Georgia Straight and Global TV News.

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