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Beak Handmade Pottery Vessel
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 A gorgeous vessel for the table to serve your favourite beverage or use as vase. Beak is part of the Fraternity of Antler, Beak and Claw, a trio of Canadian woodland creatures with hints of the fantastical.

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Product Description

Pottery for the Contemporary Home Decor Lover: ‘Beak”

Story: Beak is part of a series of modern pottery creations entitled ‘Fraternity of Antler, Beak and Claw’, which features a trio of fabulous designs representing Canadian woodland creatures.  It is handmade by English master ceramic artist Russell Hackney, who is now based in the small community of Bowen Island near Vancouver, British Columbia.  This gorgeous porcelain pottery vessel can be used to serve your favourite beverage or use as an eye-catching vase.

Dimensions: 10DIA X 19H cm

Material: This pottery vessel is cast in porcelain from a hand-modelled original, glazed inside and liquid safe.

Russell Hackney

"If all art is in some way a reaction, then the pursuit of beauty is my reaction to the world around me. Where nature is at its most memorable, I draw inspiration from it. In response to the bland or ugly, I react by wanting to create something beautiful. Beauty calls us to itself. It halts us in our daily routine and just for a moment all distractions, all opinions, are silenced – beauty becomes the unifier." Russell Hackney was born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, a city also known as ‘The Potteries’, birthplace of fine ceramics such as Wedgwood and Royal Doulton. Apart from 3 years’ study for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Three-Dimensional Design, he spent his apprenticeship and working life under the watchful eye of his father, at the family business learning the craft of plaster mould-making for ceramics, a craft his father taught at Staffordshire Polytechnic. Russell also modelled designs for customers, from everyday functional ceramics to commissioned pieces. Perhaps his most notable achievement was modelling – along with mastermoulds and casing – a replica 19th Century clock that was presented to the Queen. In 2002, wanting the freedom to design and produce his own ideas, he emigrated to Vancouver, BC. He still provides design and mould-making services to customers in Canada and the US, and is pleased to present his own designs. He now lives on Bowen Island, BC.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 8 in