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Anyuta_Baby_MoBear_Modern_Porcelain_Sculpture_Decor_02Anyuta_Baby_MoBear_Modern_Porcelain_Sculpture_Decor_03Anyuta_Baby_MoBear_Modern_Porcelain_Sculpture_Decor_01Anyuta_Big_MoBear_Modern_Porcelain_Sculpture_Decor_04Anyuta_Baby_MoBear_Modern_Porcelain_Sculpture_Decor_04Anyuta_Big_MoBear_Modern_Porcelain_Sculpture_Decor_03 – CopyAnyuta_Baby_MoBear_Modern_Porcelain_Sculpture_Decor_04

Baby MoBear, the Molecular Bear


Baby MoBear is for the modern stylish lover of science and art.

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Story: Baby MoBear, the Molecular Bear has a dual nature. Inspired by molecular forms and a teddy bear shape, its unique design makes the object abstract while recognizable at the same time. Scientific and playful, and easily incorporated into any modern décor. Featured in print, art and design shows, photo performances and on television. Materials: high fire unglazed porcelain, three colour variations available – white, gold and silver. Handmade in Anyuta Studio, Vancouver.

Some information on the origins of the MoBear series from artisan Anyuta Gusakova; “The Molecular Bear, is inspired by two things that are very different from each other – a toy bear and a molecule. In this sculpture I geometrically stylize a familiar shape of a teddy bear, bringing it to almost abstract molecular form. MoBear is an example of my favourite artistic method – combining seemingly incompatible elements into a harmonized unity. Another creative inspiration was to take existing imagery of a toy bear known to everybody and transform it into a modern form which is totally of my own. Since the creation of this concept I have been playing with diverse materials, from bronze to porcelain and gypsum polymer, textured – in various colours ranging from plain white and black, painted gold and silver, and black and white panda patterns, and on different scales – from miniature to big. (I am planning one day to install large-scale city-scape public art MoBears). I have produced both one-of-a-kind exhibition pieces with hand-painting and gold leaf inlay as well as original handmade editions in gypsum polymer and open and limited editions in fine porcelain.”

Dimensions: 6x5x5in

Anyuta Gusakova

Growing up in Vladivostok, Russia, Anyuta Gusakova gravitated to art early on. At ten, she was hand-selected to attend the prestigious Young Talents program—a four-year extensive art curriculum focused on classical forms. From 1992 to 1995, Anyuta freelanced with the Vladivostok Porcelain Factory as a sculptor—learning porcelain and plaster techniques. This work would lead to her first solo show at the Sukhanov Historical Museum in 1995. In 2000, she began her studies at Stroganov University of Art and Design in Moscow—one of Russia's oldest and most esteemed classical art universities --under the mentorship of famed sculptor Nikolai Nikogosyan. Here Anyuta completed her Master of Fine Arts in sculpture. From 2001 onwards, she freelanced as lead-sculptor for privately commissioned small and large-scale projects across Russia and Europe. In 2007, she became a finalist of the fifth international sculpture competition Oeuvre de Faience, held at the musée départemental Breton at Quimper in Brittany, France. In 2009, Anyuta decided to relocate to Vancouver, Canada in order to pursue a career focused on developing her craft. Since then she has been refining her own vision in diverse sculpting mediums ranging from stone and bronze to porcelain and paper pulp. In 2013 she became a finalist in the City of Vancouver’s IRONCLAD ART manhole cover design challenge. Recently she launched her first-ever design label ANYUTA, which is focusing on production of high end design objects and coveted replicas of her original sculptures. Anyuta and her art have been featured in The Vancouver Sun, MonteCristo Magazine, The Source, The Province, Canadian Immigrant, Georgia Straight and Global TV News.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 8 in

Gold, Silver, White