About Oden Gallery

  1. The Oden Story
  2. Foundational Values
  3. Oden Clients
  4. Oden Artisans
  5. The Oden Team

1. The Oden Story

As a solo furniture maker Meredith Nicole found when synergy exists between the client and the artisan superior work is produced and spine tingling relationships form. Wanting to create opportunities for people to easily discover artisans and foster inspired relationships Meredith created Oden Gallery in 2012 to showcase portfolios of highly skilled North American based wood furniture artisans.

After discovering a real need artisans have for professional representation and the publics hunger for high-quality work Meredith together with her business partner Iain Macdonald launched the Oden online store in Fall of 2015 and expanded to include works by ceramic and textile artisans. 

In January 2017 Oden Gallery was purchased by Renee Switzer, owner of SwitzerCultCreative. With this new partnership artisans will have the opportunity to show their work at the SwitzerCultCreative showroom in Vancouver. Meredith Nicole continues to be a part of Oden Gallery to assist with curating new work.

Today, Oden offers discerning consumers and collectors a curated collection from which to purchase and commission high-quality handcrafted modern home furnishings and to showcase the North American artisans who create them.

We focus on consumer and artisan empowerment, creating modern and intentional family heirlooms, helping at the same time to preserve the environment and sustain livelihoods for artisans with traditional skills.

Works exhibited in Oden Gallery come to life and improve with age, designed and built to last – and by lasting, we mean much more than just sound construction methods. Oden Gallery works become part of the client’s narrative, a family fixture for generations to come.


  • Extraordinary levels of craftsmanship, service and support.
  • Environmentally-friendly products and materials and transparency around building practices and sustainability.
  • Enrich artisan and client ecosystems and drive conscious change.
  • Build towards perfection, but never at the expense of spirit.
  • Eclipse the mundane with passionate living.
  • Stand tall in our belonging and our legacy will be rich.


Our clients are interior designers, architects and design savvy lovers of the home who tend to have environmentally-conscious lifestyles. They are invested in and driven by long-term impacts rather than short-term gains. They are inspired dreamers – they love what is unique and embrace the power of educated decisions. Oden Gallery offers you an opportunity to invest in work which has the potential to be a part of personal and or public art collections, to own something that few others do, and to create special family heirlooms which will last generations.  By purchasing from Oden you are helping to keep traditional craftsmanship alive. Our clients are not looking for a disposable lifestyle and appreciate the value of a ‘curated home’.


Our artisans are traditionally-trained or follow traditional practices, are hand selected, and must complete a thorough application process. Many are award-winning artists, avid contributors to relevant publications, and teachers of their craft. Most importantly, they are professional, sincere and passionate about what they do.